• Western University e-visit

    2020/02/03: Anna presented a virtual seminar about the group’s research at the chemistry department at The University of Western Ontario, London, ON. Prof. Ragogna was an absolutely wonderful host. New collaborative projects with groups at Western are underway!

  • TA Excellence Award

    2020/12/09: Xenia has received Fall 2020 Graduate TA Award for her outstanding efforts and achievements in teaching. Through these challenging times her very positive attitude and teaching skills have had considerable impact on enhancing the reputation of our undergraduate program. Congrats Xenia!

  • Paper published in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

    2020/11/02: Our paper on numerical investigation of delamination onset and propagation in catalyst layers of PEM fuel cells under hygrothermal cycles – the project led by Prof. Xianguo Li (Fuel Cell and Green Energy Lab) – has been published in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Congrats Yixiang!

  • CCEC 2020 Conference

    2020/10/26: Xenia and Stephen presented their posters at the Virtual Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference: (1) on the effect of Au nanoparticle shape on their performance in the electrochemical reduction of organohalides (work of Xenia, Jury, Helen and Elena) and (2) on the inductive effects in Co-doped Ni(OH)2 electronic structure facilitating urea electrooxidation (work of Stephen, Jury and Rachelle in collaboration with Prof. Leanne Chen).

  • Paper published in the Journal of Electrochemical Society

    2020/09/14: Our work with ITMO University on Ag-catalyzed electrochemical homocoupling of organic bromides without the use of sacrificial anodes has been published in the JES Focus Issue on Organic and Inorganic Molecular Electrochemistry. Congrats to Jury and Xenia!

  • New additions to the team

    2020/09/01: Yulia joins the group as a MSc student in Chemistry (co-supervised by prof. Subha Kalyaanamoorthy) after completing her BSc at the University of Toronto. UW undergraduate students Joshua and Eliana (Materials and Nanosciences) and Chuanhao (Chemistry) join the group to work on their CHEM494 projects. Welcome Yulia, Joshua, Chuanhao, and Eli!

  • Outstanding Poster Award

    2020/07/09: Helen received Outstanding Poster Presentation award for her poster on plasmonic nanoparticle assemblies at the 48th Southern Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference (eSOUSCC48) organized by Ryerson University and held virtually on June 15th. Congratulations Helen!

  • Paper published in Green Chemistry

    2020/06/30: Our work on cathodic CO2 utilization (electrocarboxylation and direct reduction to CO) paired with anodic treatment of nitrogenous waste has been published in Green Chemistry. Congrats to Xenia, Jury, Rachelle, and Stephen!

  • GC&E Conference

    2020/06/18: Anna presented a talk on electroorganic utilization of CO2 paired with wastewater treatment at the 24th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference hosted by ACS virtually. The session followed by an engaging zoom panel discussion, many thanks to all the organizers for this great event!

  • New additions to the team

    2020/06/01: Dr. Gudmundur Johannesson joins the group as a postdoctoral fellow (co-supervised by Prof. Komal Habib) to work on LCA and TEA of CO2 utilization in collaboration with Prof. Goretty Dias (UW School of Environment, Enterprise and Development). Dr. Rachelle Choueiri joins the team again, now to work on collaborative computational projects (co-supervised by Prof. Leanne Chen, University of Guelph). Welcome Gudmundur and welcome back Rachelle!

  • PhD Comprehensive Exam

    2020/04/28: Xenia successfully passed her comprehensive exam, following the presentation of CHEM795 seminar to her Advisory committee on February 12th. Congrats Xenia!

  • Seed grant for WIN-MESA+ collaboration

    2020/02/18: Klinkova Lab has received a Seed Fund Award to conduct a joint research project with Dr. Jeff Guest and collaborators at MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente (Netherlands), following the WIN visit to MESA+ in October. Looking forward to our productive collaboration!

  • Paper published in ACS Photonics

    2019/12/27: Work of our collaborator Prof. Zamkov on energy transport in CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystal solids has been published in ACS Photonics. Congrats Xenia, who contributed to the project!

  • Monash University visit

    2019/12/05: Anna gave a seminar at the School of Chemistry at Monash University in Melbourne. Many thanks to Dr. Pavel Cherepanov for organizing the visit. It was great to connect with Prof. Douglas MacFarlane and learn about the current research of his excellent team. Looking forward to future collaboration with this great group!

  • Fudan University visit

    2019/12/05: Anna presented a seminar about the group’s research at the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers at Fudan University in Shanghai. Prof. Zhihong Nie and his team were absolutely wonderful hosts. New collaboration is underway!

  • ACS Nano Virtual Issue on WIN

    2019/11/26: We are proud to be a member group of Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) that was highlighted in ACS Nano. WIN is Canada’s largest nanotechnology institute and a world leader in the broader areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology. As WIN enters its 12th year of operation, we have set out to be world leaders in nanoscience and nanotechnology, meeting the targets for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that will lead to sustainable development, economic growth, and environmental protection. Read more in the issue’s editorial.

  • MSc Seminar

    2019/11/21: Stephen successfully presented his Masters seminar to his Advisory committee. Congrats Stephen!

  • Group Night Out

    2019/11/19: Celebrating excellent team work (and just published paper) at Pin Up Arcade Bar. That excellent team work also helped us to reach a stalemate in Jenga:

  • Paper published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

    2019/11/12: Our work on electrocarboxylation in divided cells with non-sacrificial anodes and aqueous anolytes has been published in ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. Congrats Jury, Xenia, Feng, and Thomas!

  • Trent University visit

    2019/11/06: Anna presented a seminar about the group’s work at the Chemistry Department at Trent University (Ontario). It was a pleasure to visit with and have great discussions with the faculty members at Trent!

  • Symposium on Chemical Physics 2019

    2019/11/02: Feng and Xenia presented our poster on atom mobility, field and current effects in nanoelectrocatalysis at the Symposium on Chemical Physics in Waterloo.

  • WIN-MESA+ workshop

    2019/10/16: Anna gave a talk at MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente (Netherlands) as a part of WIN-MESA+ workshop to support collaboration between the institutes. Looking forward to working with our partners on exciting projects!

  • Paper published in Nanomaterials

    2019/10/11: Our work on reductive and coordinative effects of hydrazine in structural transformations of copper hydroxide nanoparticles has been published in Nanomaterials (special issue “Novel Nanomaterials for Applications in Energy and Catalysis”). Congrats Xenia, Alexandra and Feng!

  • New additions to the team

    2019/09/01: Yixiang joins the group as a MASc student in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (co-supervised by prof. Xianguo Li) after completing his BASc at Waterloo. UW undergraduate students Elena (Chemistry) and Jordan (Materials and Nanosciences) join the group to work on their CHEM494 projects, and Nanoengineering student Helen joins as a volunteer. Welcome Yixiang, Elena, Jordan, and Helen!

  • Paper published in ChemComm

    2019/08/09: Our collaborative work with Team NanoTech, University of Vigo (Spain) on the Pd/CNT/SiO2 composite nanostructure design for formic acid dehydrogenation has been published in ChemComm. Congrats Ana and Feng!

  • Nanofellowship winner

    2019/07/19: Feng received a prestigious fellowship of $10,000 from Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology. WIN Nanofellowship winners are students of the highest quality, who have demonstrated excellence in academic performance and research, and are outstanding candidates for a graduate degree. Congratulations Feng!

  • Soapbox Science Waterloo 2019

    2019/06/09: As a part of University of Waterloo Outreach and Soapbox Science, Anna gave a talk for general public at Victoria park, Kitchener on turning carbon dioxide into useful chemicals.

  • 102nd Canadian Chemistry Conference

    2019/06/06: Jury and Xenia presented a poster on the influence of the cell design on electrocarboxylation of organohalides and Anna gave a talk on shape-defined nanostructures in electrocatalysis at 102nd Canadian Chemistry Conference in Quebec city.

  • Summer interns joining the team

    2019/05/13: Marion and Alex, engineering students from National College of Chemical Engineering Mulhouse (France) are joining the group for a summer internship. Welcome Alex and Marion!

  • New addition to the team

    2019/05/01: Stephen joins the group as a MSc student in Chemistry after completing his BSc in Chemistry at Carleton University. Welcome Stephen!

  • PhD Comprehensive Exam

    2019/04/12: Feng successfully passed his comprehensive exam, following the presentation of CHEM795 seminar to his Advisory committee on February 15th. Congrats Feng! Time to celebrate!

  • CHEM494 Seminar

    2019/03/16: Thomas did a fabulous job presenting his work over the past 8 month and handling questions at the final CHEM494 Seminar Day. Congrats Thomas!

  • Visiting researcher joining the team

    2019/03/01: Eugeniia joins the team again in her second 4-month research visit to Waterloo as a part of her PhD studentship at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. Welcome back Eugeniia!

  • Paper published in PCCP

    2019/02/06: Our work on structural transformations of Cu(II)-nanoparticle-derived structures under CO2 reduction conditions was published in PCCP. Congrats Jake, Amir, Feng, Alexey, and Thomas!

    Update: the paper was selected as 2019 HOT PCCP article!

  • Paper published in Nanoscale

    2019/01/22: Our work in collaboration with the Optics and Nanophotonics Lab at CSULB on the synthesis, plasmonic, and catalytic properties of gold nanocages with aligned octahedral cores has been published in Nanoscale. Congrats Eugeniia, Kseniia, Rachelle, and Andre!

    Update: the paper was highlighted in themed collection “Materials and Nano Research in Toronto”!

  • New additions to the team

    2018/12/17: Jury joins the group as a Postdoc after obtaining his PhD in Organic Synthesis from Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. Xenia joins the group as a PhD student (Chemistry + Nanotechnology Collaborative Program) after completing her MSc in Chemistry from Saint Petersburg State University. Welcome Jury and Xenia!

  • New additions to the team

    2018/09/01: Feng joins the group as a first PhD student (Chemistry + Nanotechnology Collaborative Program) after completing his MSc at Jiliang University, China. UW undergraduate students Thomas (Chemistry) joins the group to work on his CHEM494 project. Welcome Feng and Thomas!

  • Lab update

    Fall 2018: Over the past year, the lab evolved from no/bare walls into a functional space for doing cool science: big thanks to everyone who participated in setting up this space and even managed to work on research projects in the interim! Here are some before and after photos of the wet lab: