Nanoscience and Catalysis

Research Group

Advancing Nanosynthesis

We develop bottom-up synthetic methodologies for shape-specific nanocrystals and study their formation mechanisms, optical and catalytic properties, surface chemistry and structural stability in different environments.

Electrolysis of Waste Molecules

Working at the nexus of nanoscience, catalysis, and electrochemistry, we advance technologies for treating and upgrading carbon and nitrogen emissions.

Catalysis for Energy

With circular economy goal in mind, we study structure-property relationships in catalytic systems for flue-to-fuel conversion and hydrogen storage and utilization.

Recent Papers

Electrochemical Hydrodimerization of Furfural in Organic Media as an Efficient Route to Jet Fuel Precursor

M. Temnikova, J. Medvedev, X. Medvedeva, N. H. Delva, E. Khairullina, E. Krivoshapkina, A. Klinkova

Simulating Electric Field and Current Density in Nanostructured Electrocatalysts

F. Li, C. Zhou, A. Klinkova

Nickel-Catalyzed Urea Electrolysis: From Nitrite and Cyanate as Major Products to Nitrogen Evolution

S. W. Tatarchuk, J. J. Medvedev, F. Li, Y. Tobolovskaya, A. Klinkova