In-Lab Facilities


Scanning electron microscope with a transmission function Hitachi S-5200.

Plasma System

Digital plasma system Diener with air and hydrogen lines.


Temperature-programmed catalyst characterization system Altamira AMI-300 Lite.


Custom gas analyzer gas chromatograph Agilent.


Multiple gas analyzer SRI MG-5.

Ion Chromatograph

Metrohm Eco IC.

Electrochemical Workstation with EIS

Dual channel potentiostat with EIS Biologic SP-300.

Electrochemical Workstations

2x potentiostats Biologic SP-50.

Electrochemical Workstation

Potentiostat Metrohm PGSTAT204.


Eppendorf centrifuge 5430R with heating/cooling function, changeable rotors, speed up to 30,000 g.


Ultrasound bath with heating function and timer Fischer Scientific.


Eppendorf ThermoMixer C with 15mL and 2mL heating blocks.

Fume Hoods

2x fume hoods with Schlenk lines, temperature-controlled stirrers, baths and mantles.

Vacuum Oven

Vacuum oven with Ar refill option.


Rotary evaporator with a self-cleaning dry vacuum system.


Mettler Toledo with an antistatic frame and 2x Sartorius.

Peristaltic and Syringe Pumps

Multiple peristaltic (3x) and syringe (2x) pumps with single and dual supply.

Circulating Baths

Temperature-controlled water/oil circulators (x2).


Portable spectrometer Ocean Optics.

Plasma Light Source

ThorLabs plasma light source with a set of 10nm-wide light filters and optical components.

External On- and Off-Campus Facilities

ESEM, AFM, FTIR, etc. at Prof. Leung's WatLab

XRD, TGA, etc. at Prof. Nazar Lab.

In situ Raman, IR spectroelectrochemistry at Prof. Smith Lab.

SEM, TEM, EDX at UofT CNI Facility.

XPS, HRTEM, EDX at OCCAM Facility.

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