Our talks and posters at IUPAC CCCE 2021

Our talks and posters at IUPAC CCCE 2021

16 Aug 2021

We are excited to present talks and posters on the ongoing research in the group at the IUPAC CCCE 2021 virtual conference focused on Solving Global Challenges with Chemistry:

1) Structural transformation of metal nanoparticles with complex shapes in cathodic electrocatalysis (Anna's talk)

2) Efficient electrocarboxylation of organohalides using nanoscale catalysts and paired electrolysis (Xenia's talk)

3) Electrochemical oxidation of urea and ammonia catalyzed by Ni-based catalysts: effect of reaction conditions on product distribution (Stephen's poster)

4) Cu-catalyzed electrochemical reduction of chloromethanes to ethylene (Anastasia's poster)