NE222: Organic Chemistry for Nano Engineering

This course provides the student with a strong comprehension of the fundamental concepts of Organic Chemistry and shows how these concepts are applied to synthetic organic chemical reactions. Three major aspects are covered in the course; a) nomenclature b) atoms and chemical bonds c) chemical reactions. <Read more> Download NE222 course syllabus here.

NE499: Nanocatalysis for Energy and Sustainability

As the global population and economic activity grow, so does worldwide energy demand. Compounding this challenge is the growing need to protect our environment by increasing energy efficiency and developing green energy sources. This course focuses on the nanotechnology and nanomaterial prospective for these global challenges, and explores how nanoscience enables the development of transformative technologies for energy applications, including (photo)electrochemical hydrogen production, new generation fuel cells, photo- and electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 into fuels, gas-to-liquid and power-to-X conversion technologies. Conceptual knowledge is developed for the chemistry and physics behind nanocatalyst breakthrough performance and potential, with an emphasis on nanocatalysts’ shape and quantum confinement effects enabling their catalytic behavior and light-driven properties, and will identify the design rules for material discovery for the target applications. Download NE499 course syllabus here.

The courses employ active learning platform TopHat, that include interactive course materials and classroom response system for tracking in-class participation with students’ devices.