Contact Information

Dr. Jury Medvedev

Research Associate

Jury obtained his Ph.D. degree in organic synthesis from Saint Petersburg State University in 2015, where his research focused on thermal, photochemical, and catalytic transformations of diazo compounds for applications in the synthesis of heterocyclic structures. In 2019, he joined the Klinkova group at the University of Waterloo as a postdoctoral fellow. His current research interests include application of nanostructured materials in electroorganic synthesis and studies of sustainable anodic processes for direct and indirect electrochemical CO2 reduction.

Selected publications (*equal contribution):

  1. F. Li, X. V. Medvedeva, J. J. Medvedev, E. Khairullina, H. Engelhardt, S. Chandrasekar, Y. Guo, J. Jin, A. Lee, H. Thérien-Aubin, Y. Peng, A. Ahmed, A. Klinkova  Interplay of Electrochemical and Electrical effects Induces Structural Transformations in Electrocatalysts, Nature Catal2021, in press
  2. J. J. Medvedev, X. V. Medvedeva, H. Engelhardt, A. Klinkova Relative Activity of Metal Cathodes towards Electroorganic Coupling of CO2 with Benzylic Halides,  Electrochim. Acta2021387, 138528.
  3. X. V. Medvedeva, J. J. Medvedev, A. Klinkova Translating Tactics from Direct CO2 Electroreduction to Electroorganic Coupling Reactions with CO2, Adv. Energy Sustainability Res.20212, 202100001.
  4. J. J. Medvedev, Y. P. Steksova, X. V. Medvedeva, Y. Pivovarova, E. F. Krivoshapkina, A. Klinkova Synthesis of Dimeric Molecules via Ag-Catalyzed Electrochemical Homocoupling of Organic Bromides Paired with Electrooxidation of Urea, J. Electrochem. Soc.2020167, 155521.
  5. X. V. Medvedeva*, J. J. Medvedev*, S. W. Tatarchuk, R. M. Choueiri, A. Klinkova Sustainable at Both Ends: Electrochemical CO2 Utilization Paired with Electrochemical Treatment of Nitrogeneous Waste, Green Chem.202022, 4456.
  6. J. J. Medvedev, X. V. Medvedeva, F. Li, T. A. Zienchuk, A. Klinkova Electrochemical CO2 Fixation to α-methylbenzyl bromide in Divided Cells with Non-Sacrificial Anodes and Aqueous Anolytes, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 20197, 19631.