We are recruiting new graduate students and postdocs with electrochemistry, material synthesis and/or organic synthesis background.


  • We are seeking a postdoc with a strong electrochemistry background, including electrocatalyst synthesis and cell design and fabrication, for the project Integrated Electrolyzer for Wastewater Treatment and Production of Value-Added Chemicals. This is a collaborative project between the teams at the University of Waterloo and the University of Twente (Netherlands) supported by WIN and MESA+.
  • A joint postdoctoral position in material science and catalysis between WIN (University of Waterloo) and FUSDOM (Soochow University) is currently available. The contract duration is typically 3 years (2 years at Waterloo and 1 year at Soochow total).
  • Prof. Klinkova also welcomes qualified candidates to apply for NSERC PDF (only for Canadian citizens or permanent residents within 2 years from their PhD defense) or Banting PDF fellowship (open to all high-profile applicants within 3 years from their PhD defense) with the Klinkova lab.


Please consult Guelph-Waterloo Centre for Graduate Work in Chemistry and Biochemistry (GWC)2 for information on requirements and applications process for MSc and PhD degrees in Chemistry and collaborative degrees in Chemistry and Nanotechnology. Note: current MSc funding in Klinkova lab is available for domestic MSc students only (i.e., citizens or permanent residents of Canada). International applicants with their own funding are welcome to apply.

UNDERGRADUATE/COOP STUDENTS: UW students interested in CHEM494 research project, coop term, or volunteering in Klinkova lab should send their CV, transcripts, and a statement of interest to Prof. Klinkova via email.